Sick Computer Redux

For those who read my previous post on the sick computer - the doctor thinks he has a diagnosis. I got fed up and reinstalled Windows from scratch which also means all the applications need to be reinstalled. Did the install last night and late this morning it still spontaneously rebooted when I clicked on the Start button.

But when I came back up it said indeed it detected a memory problem and finally pointed to a Microsoft memory test utility you can download. Running that for about an hour found one memory module (of two) had problems. I removed that one and it has been working fine (knock on wood).

So I'm finally installing programs again and ones I have not had available since swapping machines 2-3 months ago. I can then edit the website easily etc.

While I have a sec, I'd like to thank all the people who buy their books, etc. on Amazon through! The small income helps fund the expense I've incurred (like the massive heat sink I installed earlier to lower the temperature and the hosting fees). Nice to know it doesn't cost you all anything extra but derived from Amazon's corporate profits.

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