Rihanna Pledges Support to Bone Marrow Organization

I wasn'the only one moved by the plight of six year old Jasmina Anema, the little girl who died of cancer last week. During her brief life, she inspired thousands of people to get registered as bone marrow donors and she had the opportunity to meet President Obama and pop singer Rihanna.

Rihanna is continuing her support of bone marrow donations in the wake of Jasmina's death, and now she wants Pepsi's help to do it.

This past weekend, the singer announced that she has submitted a request for funding from bosses at beverage giant Pepsi, who have launched the Refresh Project, which hands out $20 million annually to good causes.

Rihanna wants part of the fund to go towards DKMS, which helps to try and find bone marrow donors for the victims of leukemia. After performing at the Refresh Project's launch party, she told reporters how Jasmina had spurred her on to do all she could to battle the condition.

Rihanna says, "She was a very free, fun spirited little girl, full of energy, always happy, always energetic. I always remember she wouldn't sit still. She was always running around, always had a smile on her face. If we win (the funding), this would really help us recruit 4,000 individual donors."

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