Pitfarts? Seriously.

If I hadn't read it on the website, I wouldn't believe it. I am all for awareness - however weird the method.

The Lymphoma Association has launched an exciting campaign to raise awareness of lymphoma among young people.

To help make them aware of the symptoms of the disease, we have created a simple acronym PITS - which stands for Persistent lumps, Itching, Tiredness and Sweating.

In order to get the message out there, we have developed a website. Here, people can find out about the signs and symptoms of the disease, and read personal experiences submitted by people who have been diagnosed with lymphoma.

The campaign also has an attention-grabbing competition; people are encouraged to visit www.pitfart.com and upload a clip of themselves making a noise by cupping their hand over their armpit – known as a ‘pitfart.’

The person whose clip receives the highest number of views will win a trip for two to Paris, a prize kindly donated to the Lymphoma Association by The Flight Centre.

Julie Mercer, Head of Communications at the Lymphoma Association said: “Lymphoma is the most common cancer in the 15-30 age group so we’re really keen to target this age group and raise their awareness of lymphoma.

"We’re really excited about the campaign and have had fantastic feedback from people who have been affected by lymphatic cancer. Research shows that standard health messages generate poor awareness among students so we’re hoping that a tongue-in-cheek competition will raise all-important consciousness of the disease and its symptoms.”

Ian Leech, whose 20 year old daughter Melissa died of lymphoma in 2008 said: “It’s so important for young people to have an awareness of lymphoma. With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that before Mel was diagnosed she had a lot of the classic symptoms but, of course, having no knowledge of the disease, we were unable to recognise them. Had we been aware, things may have been different.

The competition will run until 2nd March 2010. To enter, please visit www.pitfart.com

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