Oral Health and Lymphoma

When patients are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the local defense mechanisms in the mouth are reduced. This means that oral infections are common.

Oral candidosis (also known as ‘thrush’) is the most common type of infection. Symptoms include:

• Discomfort with the white plaques adhering to the lining of the mouth
• Redness at the lining of the mouth which can be difficult to detect
• Sores at the corners of the mouth
• Sometimes, there may be a complete lack of symptoms and the presence of infection may simply be detected when you visit your doctor or dentist

Because it is so common, sometimes health care providers will give medications to prevent it, instead of treating it only when signs and symptoms develop. In fact, 90% of people who are immuno-compromised will have oral health problems. So if you undergoing treatment, don’t take chances with your teeth and gums – see your dentist regularly.

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