Need Help Organizing A Bone Marrow Drive?

DKMS American can help.

DKMS Americas is an accredited (by the Be The Match Registry) national bone marrow donor center. DKMS works to expand bone marrow donor registries by recruiting bone marrow donors from every race and ethnicity, in order to provide leukemia and other blood cancer patients in need of a bone marrow transplant with the best available donor match.

They also coordinate the transport of bone marrow and blood stem cells from Germany to the U.S. for patients here in need of bone marrow transplants. Through our efforts, DKMS Americas has registered over 125,000 donors, and more than 140 DKMS (Americas) donors have gone on to donate their bone marrow.
To see if you can be a match doesn’t even require a blood test – just a simple cheek swab.

Why bother? Because Doug’s wife asks you to:

“With God’s help, we will find this one person who our family will be forever indebted to for giving Doug and I more time to grow old together and watch our daughters grow, graduate and even get married one day. These registration drives are imperative to add more people to the national registry and hopefully increasing the odds of finding life-saving matches for the thousands in need just like us, as well as educate people about how easy it is to register. It is my dream that someone like that will come to a marrow drive and be that life-saving match for my husband.”

There is still more work to do as only 3 out of 10 people will receive a life-saving transplant. To see a schedule of bone marrow drives, go to:

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