NBC Journalist Diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma

Mike Celizic, a contributing sports columnist for NBCsports.com and journalist for Todayshow.com and msnbc.com, was recently diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma, and in response he's done what you might expect of a journalist—he's reporting on it, in the form of a compelling blog titled "Adventures in Cancerland"


Celizic (at right, pic courtesy msnbc.com) is not new to cancer—in 1997 he beat prostate cancer following surgery. But as he admits, he hadn't seen his doctor since then.

"Yes, I know that’s stupid," he writes. "But it’s also the way it is. You can change it in your own life, and I recommend that you do. And I’ll deal with it in my life without beating myself up over things I can’t change."

He's getting ready to start chemotherapy on July 20, and has written two very readable (and highly informative) blog entries thus far. If interested, check them out.

Adventures in Cancerland, Part 1: The Diagnosis

Adventures in Cancerland, Part 2: Lust for Life

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