Lymphoma Survivor Mister T to Appear in Rocky VI

Mister T, the actor who played a number of 1980's TV and movie characters recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show. He is a survivor of T cell Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He recently said: I still go to the hospital to keep (my cancer) under control. There's no cure but I'm doing well. When I got cancer I found out who my real friends were. Hollywood turned its back on me but Sylvester (Stallone) remained a great buddy.

Mr. T said on Stern he's ready to act in "Rocky VI", reprising the role of Clubber Lang he created in "Rocky III" 23 years ago. This time around Lang will not be fighting Rocky, but instead will be a commentator in the movie. He states he is eager to return to the franchise. "I'm up for anything. We start filming next year. I've been training a bit so I'll be in shape."

Knowing how hard it is to have energy during and after lymphoma treatment, I'm sure it is a testament to T's strength to continue a demanding career. I wish him well, sucka!

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