Lymphoma and Pesticides

What causes lymphoma?

The causes of cancer are complex and not altogether known. There are many things to consider: our heredity, viruses, our exposures to toxic substances in the environment (including chemicals that can cause cancer) and other factors. Anyone who could answer this question with certainty would surely win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

And yet, there is so much we do know. Over the years, many researchers have done studies to see if pesticides cause lymphoma. Although they do not all agree, many scientists believe this is a serious problem.

The report does offer this suggestion:

“Every day you make choices that affect your health. Since there appears to be a relationship between pesticides and lymphoma, then this risk factor may be partially under your control. You can choose whether to make an effort to reduce your exposure to pesticides.”

For more information, read the 60 page Pesticide Research Project at:

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