Looking in the Mirror

I came across Jen Ford’s blog recently (http://jforddesigns.blogspot.com/) and was struck by her story. She reminded me that in some ways, cancer can change what you look like. Your hair, your weight, even your eyebrows are affected

“Today, I looked in the bathroom mirror after my shower. I’ve looked at her before. I’ve looked at her everyday. But today was different. I noticed more of her. I looked beyond the dark circles around her eyes, the thinning hair, the disappearing eyebrows and eyelashes, the now permanent creases on her face from 38 years of living and 5 months of chemotherapy. She is beautiful – and I told her so today. She is amazing and full of life and possibility. She has learned a lot but has more to yet learn. She doesn’t need to hide anymore. She doesn’t need to wear a mask over who she is.”

It can also change you in the inside – for good or bad. Continue reading this blog and watch and see how someone else experiences lymphoma. She may surprise you…

“Today feels like spring...the perfect time to plant new seeds in my mind and see how they grow - to see how “she” grows. It is the perfect day to tell everyone that you love them but most importantly to tell yourself that you love YOU.”

“Love is the highest form of acceptance, and judgment is the hard rejection of that acceptance.” – from the book Unattended Sorrow by Steven Levine

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