Lives Inspired Breast Cancer Survivor Book, Plus Leukemia Cell Research

In keeping with the theme of collecting inspirational stories of hope after a cancer diagnosis, I found a book you might want to add to your collection. Called “Lives Inspired: Portraits of Breast Cancer Survivors,” “it was just released last month and offers a beautiful portrayal in pictures and words of the struggles and victories of breast cancer survivors.

Written by Carolyn Hones, CEO of Privacy Wear, is pricey – at $44, but it is a coffee table size book sure to be looked upon as a piece of art. The portraits are brilliantly illustrated and their stories are filled with courage and determination, sure to warm your heart.
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Different compounds found to kill leukemia cells

A new class of chemical compounds has proven in lab tests with human cells and in mice to be highly effective in targeting and killing leukemia cells, while being tolerated well by normal blood cells, researchers say. They say their findings on substances that inhibit the enzyme mTor and do so in a different way than current drugs to could lead to clinical trials and new, improved treatment for leukemia.

To read the original study in the Nature, go here:

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