Light a Candle

Lighting a candle has long been a tradition to show hope of a loved one's healing or return as well as to memorialize a loved one who is gone.
At, you can “light” a virtual candle and create your own personalized pages on the caring website, or show the candle on your own facebook or blog pages. Not only do you raise awareness about an issue you are passionate about, you can also honor or memorialize a loved one.

You must sign up for a free account in order to create a Caring Candle. Then, you choose your cause, list the person’s name, the tell his or her story. That’s it – your own page is created. Read some stories here:

If you want to put the candle on your page, highlight and copy the code given to you by Then paste the code into the blog or website html editor interface and save it. It works on Blogger, Facebook, TypePad and WordPress.

Besides, the helpful site offers information and support for caregivers regarding legal and medical issues, end of life concerns, housing and home care advice and information.
Over 13,000 candles have been lit. Will you add yours?

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