Know anyone giving birth soon?

Little Devan has less than 12 wks to find a matching bone marrow OR cord-blood donation. They're especially interested in folks of mixed South-Asian/European
ancestry like Devan, but *anyone* could be a match.

4-year old Devan has a rare form of high risk leukemia knowns as APML, or acute promyelocytic leukemia.

The test is a painless cheek swab done by mail, & banked cord blood is also admissable -so please, get tested and spread the word!
Want to register in person?
If you're in these locations, you can register in person

Find out more at:

Randolph , MA: Friday, May 14, 1PM-5PM
San Mateo, CA: Saturday May 15 9AM-1PM
Mountain View, CA: Sunday May 16 8AM-Noon
Livermore, CA: Sunday May 16 10AM-3PM
Washington, DC: Saturday, May 15, 10AM-4PM

You can also search for drives in your area by zip code here:

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