In the pipeline: TNX-650

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Today's featured lymphoma treatment in the pipeline is the monoclonal antibody TNX-650.

Name: TNX-650
Class: Humanized monoclonal antibody
Type: Biological therapy
FDA to date: NA
Manufacturer: Tanox (acquired by Genentech in 2007)
Indications: Hodgkin lymphoma refractory to radiation or chemotherapy.
A few words: TNX-650 is believed to work by binding and blocking the activity of interleukin-13 (IL-13), which is a mediator in allergic inflammation and may contribute to cell proliferation in Hodgkin patients and bear some responsibility in the ability of the disease to dodge the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. This drug is currently in phase I/II trials and far away from seeing the light of the market, if ever.

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By Ross Bonander

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