George Michael Loses Fight against Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

George Michael, the star of the George Michael Sports Machine, has died of cancer. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is one of four main types of leukemia, which affects over 85,000 people in the United States.
George Michael, a high-rated and hyperanimated Washington sportscaster, was 70 years old when he passed away. Michael's highlight-rich program, which launched in 1984, eventually morphed into "The George Michael Sports Machine." It grew into the first nationally syndicated sports highlights show, eventually airing in 194 markets across the United States and in 10 foreign countries.
"George was the consummate reporter and a valuable friend," Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said in a statement. "I doubt we'll ever again see a sports reporter who was so admired by the people he covered."
“He waged his battle against cancer with the same drive and determination that made him a one-of-a-kind in the broadcasting industry,” the family said in a statement. “Whether it was covering a sports story, working on his horse farm, or spending time with family and friends, he approached everything in life with passion.”

The exact underlying cause of chronic lymphocytic leukemia is unknown, but it begins with mutation in the DNA of a single cell. Symptoms include low energy levels, shortness of breath, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, and an increased number of infections.

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