Excellent Article

There is an excellent article in today's Philadelphia Enquirer on Senator Arlen Specter. Up until now, his fight with Hodgkin's lymphoma has not been very public and my repeated e-mails asking for an interview have been turned away (too bad I don't live in PA). The article, at http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/local/12150243.htm, describes Specter as more outspoken & very hard working during his treatment. His advocacy towards cancer cure is now fervent.

Separate notes: we got our copy of Potter - good thing Amazon just sent an e-mail lowering the price by a dollar as I saw it at Target for lower before the extra buck back. I'll be off for about 24 hours ferrying campers so if I don't post hourly please don't worry. :-) If you miss me, you can always leave a comment below as I have not received any comments lately (oh poor me).

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