Election 2005 and Health Issues

This coming week is election time here in the US. We'll all go to the polls and vote for our candidate of choice. Democracy in action.

I have a few questions for you to consider:

Where do your candidates stand on health care issues? Do you know? There are bills in the US legistature to both increase and cut funding for health and cancer issues - would your slate of candidates vote for an issue or against? What about health care deductions, flexible spending accounts for health costs and the like? Do they support the Family Leave and Protection Act in case you or a loved one must take extended leave due to illness?

I am not advocating parties or movements - I'd just like people in situations similar to mine and my readers to ask their candidates some questions on issues that might dramatically affect them.

Once you know, then vote your choice - you'll have made an informed decision and that's what sites like this one advocate every day, whether it's at the polls or in the doctor's office.

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