Eating During the Holidays

This time of year people eat more in terms of quantity and variety. Whatever people celebrate, there are dishes that might not be eaten any other time.

For the person being treated for lymphoma, this may be a frustration. Traditional chemotherapy or radiotherapy may leave a person with nausea. Or the taste of certain foods may change. Or both (like me).

You may have to experiment to see what foods are appealing. Maybe some dishes can be frozen until the worst of the cycle of chemo is over. Make sure you talk to your medical team about nutrician - you'll want to eat as healthy as possible.

I promised myself that after treatment I'd have a different attitude towards food. Ten years out, I still have it - I enjoy food, sometimes eating a dessert as a meal or an appetizer & dessert together. For the hell we go through to reach remission, we deserve a bit of a break.

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