Computer Woes

I think I posted awhile back that I had switched computers. I built myself a fairly modern Windows PC (fast, lots of memory, etc. I will spare you the geek speak). But from near the beginning it gave me the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" every now & then. I finally narrowed it down (I think) to overheating. A new CPU fan and two more case fans and it runs 30 degrees F cooler. Yeah!

But the machine remained unstable, crashing on random programs. Today I did a Windows repair install. So far so good, we'll see.

I reloaded Frontpage and plan on making some enhancements to the main website (as long as things are stable). Keep an eye out. The Blog has remained unaffected as I post many updates while eating lunch at work.

I appreciate your patience in the test of my engineering skills :-) Mike

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