Collecting Miracles

A friend of mine underwent cancer treatment not long ago and one of the things he did was collect stories of people who underwent very difficult circumstances and yet persevered.
Remember the story of hiker Aron Ralston, whose arm was caught in a boulder and he managed to save his own life by cutting off his own hand? Part of his success, as detailed in his book, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” was imagining himself as the father of a son, doing activities with him. His wish is about to come true, as his son is now due on Valentine’s Day. Imagining his own successful outcome now serves as a source of encouragement to others.
As does the story of the plane that landed in the Hudson River last year. One couple met on a plane briefly, then after their harrowing ordeal (I’ve always wanted to write that), fell in love and are now engaged. People magazine chronicles their story as a way to encourage others.
If you need encouragement, start your own collection of “miracle” stories. Not just from people who survived the same ordeal you have, but of those who faced difficulty and triumphed.

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