'Climb of Hope' Reaches Summit for Lymphoma

Taking the fight against lymphoma to 29,000 feet and the top of the world, South African climber Robby Kojetin, along with his climbing companion and countryman John Black, reached the summit of Nepal's towering Mount Everest recently—a climb Kojetin achieved under the auspices of his "Climb of Hope", raising money and awareness for lymphoma and for South Africa's volunteer organization Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The organization, also known as CHOC ('Childrens Haematology Oncology Clinics') was established in 1979, has eight offices located across the country, and provides children diagnosed with cancer and their families all types of support, assistance, and advocacy.

Kojetin's 'Climb of Hope' shouldn't be confused with Climb for Hope, a mountain-climbing team that raises money and awareness for breast cancer.

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