Changes in AOL Lymphoma Chat

AOL has been going through some major changes, especially since being bought by Time-Warner. The latest is that AOL will no longer have volunteer hosts (aka Community Leaders) for their chats. As far as we know, the chats will remain intact. AOL has discontinued hosts' abilities to prevent disruption in a chat room. AOL's philosophy is that anyone can welcome people and control experiences in a chat.

Many years ago I was co-host of the Cancer Survivors chat on AOL. I later cohosted Cancer Survivors Comfy Couch then I formed a separate Lymphoma Chat. For much of that time I hosted the chat with Susan, a fellow lymphoma survivor. Many weeks I would wake up early in Helsinki and host the chat with Susan in the US. Isn't the Internet great! Lymphoma Chat should still be in its usual time slot. Susan intends to still be there but will no longer be a host. :-( The changes will happen on June 8th.

For you AOL members: LYMPHOMA CHAT, Tuesdays 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Glennas Garden (AOL URL aol://2719:3-1072-Glennas Garden/). Lymphoma survivors and their families and friends are all welcome.

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