Cancer Patients Getting Free Golf Memberships

Here's a fantastic idea: In an effort to bolster the physical and spiritual health of cancer patients while they undergo chemotherapy and other treatments, local athletic establishments should offer them temporary free memberships. The patients benefit by staying active and keeping their minds off their treatments, the establishments benefit by scoring good local PR.

Of course, it's not my idea. Rather, it's what's happening at the Sanctuary Golf Club in North Canton, Ohio, according to a piece at

Cancer patients receiving treatment at one of three local hospitals (Aultman, Mercy Medical Center or North Canton Medical Foundation) can go to their doctor's (oncologist) office and ask for a free membership card. These cards have to bear the signature of their doctor or staff. Beyond that, there are no other requirements.

More information is available by calling a cancer center at one of the following hospitals:

  • Aultman: (330) 452-9911
  • Mercy Medical Center: (330) 430-2788
  • North Canton Medical Foundation: (330) 438-6333

The Sanctuary Golf Club can be reached at (330) 499-7721.

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