Cancer and Careers

Once you’ve beaten cancer, you jut go back to work and everything is fine, right? Not necessarily. Most people say they are anxious about how their work life will play out. In a survey of 29 cancer survivors, researchers found that:

• One-third found it difficult to cope and concentrate initially and worried about their productivity once they got back to work.
• The more stressful the job, the more difficult the re-entry.
• The larger the company, in general, the easier the transition because accommodations were often more plentiful.

A new organization, Cancer and Careers, provides a free workbook, educational resources, support and information for both cancer patients and survivors, as well as coworkers, managers, CEOs and human resources personnel about cancer patients and survivors working through their treatment and returning to work.

They offer forms, checklists, inspiring stories and plenty of helpful advice. For example, if your gap in employment due to your cancer treatment is greater than a year, write a "functional" resume--one that is skills-based, not chronologically-based.

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