Can I still have children? Lymphoma and Fertility

To add insult to injury, when you are diagnosed with cancer, you also need to be aware of your fertility – or ability to have children in the future.

Treatments for lymphoma include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and bone marrow or stem cell transplants. Each of these treatments can kill the sperms and eggs that are responsible for an individual's fertility. This can prevent the individual from being able to have children in the future.

Infertility after chemotherapy depends on the combination of drugs being used. Some drugs are more likely to cause infertility than others. Radiation causes infertility if it is delivered to the pelvic or groin area. Radiation at other sites like the neck or chest does not cause infertility. Bone marrow or stem cell transplant involves intense chemotherapy and is very likely to cause infertility.

Having lymphoma does not necessarily mean you will never be able to have children. Look here for the latest in support, education and resources for everything you need to know about your fertility and lymphoma.

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