Brothers and Sisters TV Show Chronicles Lymphoma Battle

“Brothers & Sisters Season 4, episode 13 is about A Bone to Pick, Kitty’s lymphoma reaches a critical stage, while the Walkers’ frantic search for a donor leads to an unlikely source,” or so says the show’s episode notes.
Of course, as the LA Times reports it, it sounds crass. As entertainment reporter Enid Portuquez explains, “Taking a cue from fellow ABC drama "Grey's Anatomy," "Brothers & Sisters" gave one of its lead characters cancer. Last night, Kitty got the news that she has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymph nodes. It was brought on quite suddenly, and we were thankfully spared from anything overly dramatic such as hallucinations of past lovers. Like "Grey's," it seems the C-card was pulled to not only give Kitty the renewed perspective and purpose to either save or scrap her current situation, but to give the show's fourth season a much-needed boost.” Ouch.
If you didn’t see it, you should. Find the clip here:
The clip is scene where she got the diagnosis and just sat there, dazed.
Granted, I’m a little behind in my tv shows, but I’m catching up and I wonder what you think. When shows portray a character getting cancer, does it feel like a manipulative move to get viewers, or is it an accurate portrayal of the ups and downs of life?

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