Back from the cold - lesson: listen to your mother

I'm back from my trip - I was in Vienna, Austria last week on business. I had never been in Austria and I liked it alot - reminded me of Helsinki and Stockholm without the water.

And it was cold. Last year, my mom asked me what I did to stay warm as I have (like most of you) issues with that since my lymphoma diagnosis. Before I answered, she suggested sending me some fleece clothing. When they arrived I tried them on and - wow. The material is soft on sensitive skin, does not snag on dry skin, and really keeps you warm on the cold days. I wish I had known about this before and during treatment as I felt my thermostat had gone crazy for a long time (lymphoma can do this it turns out).

So since last December I have been carrying the fleece banner. An inexpensive way to keep warm this winter. And with higher heating costs, every little bit helps.

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