Amanda Gee, Lymphoma Web Pioneer

Back in 1994, it was the wild west of the Internet. No Google, few pages of really good content, and a fair amount of what was online for medical information was in a non-web format called Gopher. It was in these days that Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor Amanda Gee, in England, started a website devoted to Hodgkin's. It was possibly the first, certainly it was the largest at the time with about 20 or so pages.

Amanda had plans to form a Hodgkin's charity and she registered and started to move her site to CanSurvive. Alas, the site went offline not long after that (it now has had a "Building" stub page for years). Efforts to find out how Amanda is have turned up empty. I liken her to Amelia Earhart, pioneering and then being lost in the sunset. Maybe someone will let us know how she's getting along.

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