Actor, Hodgkin's Survivor, To Star in New Show

US actor Brian Watson, best known for his role as Matt Camden in the television series "7th Heaven" returns to television in the title role of the new ABC series "What About Brian" this Sunday.

He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in May 2002, and went on hiatus acting in 7th Heaven while he sought treatment. While undergoing chemotherapy, he changed gears and joined the show's writing staff. "He's been inspirational" said 7th Heaven producer Brenda Hampton in a TV Guide interview at the time. He reportedly reached remission in April 2003, and he began appearing on the program again, starting with the 150th episode. He returned as a recurring cast member.

In What About Brian, Watson stars as Brian, a well-meaning guy who runs a video business called Zap Monkey. Brian is one of those guys who is loved by everyone except the girl he loves, Marjorie (Sarah Lancaster), who also is his best friend's girlfriend.

We're glad Watson has had a lasting remission and wish him the best in the new series.

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