A Review of Living with Lymphoma: A Patient's Guide

I am sure most of you have seen my earlier post on the new book Living with Lymphoma: A Patient's Guide by Elizabeth Adler. Not that many patient oriented books on lymphoma come out - this one was highly anticipated. It took me awhile to review because I wanted to read all of it. The book is divided into three parts: Part one: Living with Lymphoma and Part 2: Treating Lymphoma have the information most patients will be referring to. They are well written, informative and benefitial to people at differing levels of comprehension. Details such as talk of various chemotherapy drugs is well done. Dr. Adler writes with both authority and as a person who has been there. Refreshing.

That isn't to say that Part Three: Understanding Lymphoma isn't just as good - it is - but in a different way. Adler delves into cell biology, the immune system, and what is happening to our bodies at the cellular and molecular level. It is the most complete explaination of what goes on I've found and is excellent but even for me it took some time to read. It's the type of info you can read at your own pace if you like.

The book is very current on treatments, lymphoma types, and strategies. I highly recommend it for patients, loved ones, and anyone who would like to understand what is lymphoma. Available now at some bookstores or through Amazon.Com for 32% off.

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