A Blue Day

I've come down with a virus again, it gets to my sinuses and I get achy all over. My wife had the same thing a couple weeks ago, maybe worse. It will pass but it's a disruption I could do without. Could be the rain falling the last couple of days does not help.

I find now that when I fly, I tend to get sick afterwards. Maybe it is the altitude plugging my head up, probably more like travelling disrupts my body rhythms. My digestive system is most affected. My tummy is still tender after all this time.

So, ten years out I'm more susceptible to viruses and some gastro wierdness. I'll live with it - the key word is live, I'm alive to enjoy my loved ones & interact with the world. Thanks to modern medicine.

Tom Hodgkin - if you could see me now - I'd buy you a drink & we could talk how things have changed.

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