News Anchor, Pregnant When Diagnosed with NHL, Reaches Remission

Michelle Kingsfield, nightly news anchorwoman for WRGT and WKEF television news in Dayton, Ohio was given the good news this week that she is in remission from stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

She returned from a CAT scan and complete checkup on Thursday and has been informed by her medical specialists that she remains in remission, and her chances of a recurrence of the Non-Hodgkins lymphoma are minimal. "It is amazing. I am feeling better every day," she said.

What was even more amazing about Kingsfield's experience was that she was four months pregnant at the time of her diagnosis. Her medical team prescribed a type of chemotherapy that does not harm the baby. Her son, Robert Kingsfield Edgerley, who she was carrying when the cancer was detected, did not suffer effects from the chemotherapy. He will be celebrating his first birthday April 27. Michelle was featured on the national morning show Good Morning America almost a year ago with details of her story.

Kingsfield and her husband, Steve Edgerley, a teacher, and their son Casey, 3, will not only be observing Robert's birthday, but it will be "a celebration of life and survival," Kingsfield said. More in the Dayton Daily News

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