Cop Repays Favor in Saving His Police Dog

When South Florida Sheriff's Deputy Ron Adamson was grappling with a suspect four years ago, his new police-dog partner Del instinctively came to his rescue by biting the man's leg. "If it wasn't for Del, I don't know what would've happened that night," said Adamson, "Del saved my life. Now, it's my turn to return the favor." Del, a 7-year-old German shepherd, was diagnosed recently with gastrointestinal lymphoma. The Sheriff's Office officials have decided to pay thousands of dollars for treatment in hopes Del will make a full recovery, according to Sgt. Pat White, a supervisor of the K-9 unit.

Adamson started to notice Del's loss of appetite and weight about a month ago. After several trips to the veterinarian, Del was referred to a specialist. Dr. Tom Smith performed an experimental surgical procedure Oct. 20 and found the cancer. Del had inflamed bowel disease about two years ago, which could have contributed to the cancer's formation, Adamson said. A dog's life expectancy "drastically decreases" after being diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma without treatment, Smith said.

Del's loss of appetite and weight are symptoms of the lymphoma. However, a dog could make a full recovery if treatment can make the cancer go into remission. Sun-Sentinal

Hang in there Del - we're on your side!

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