Causes of Lymphoma Investigated

There are articles in the last day that offer more evidence that exposure to things can lead to lymphoma.

First is a study suggesting exposure to PCBs (chemicals once used in some transformers & manufacturing but banned since the 1970s) can increase Non-Hodgkin's risk. The higher the concentration in the home, the greater the risk. Makes an argument for hardwood floors. Article in Reuters Health.

In other news, another group's studies conclude that even low exposures to x-rays & CT scans can raise the risk of cancer. But often these tests are used to detect cancer like lymphoma. Catch-22. The reality is if you are suspected of having cancer, the tests are well worth any risk. Scans show the spread of disease and allow doctors to guage treatment to the patient's unique situation. This article is aimed more at the fool who runs themselves through an airport x-ray 5 times to see their own bones :-) Washington Post Article

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