Classmates of Hodgkin's Kid Shave Heads

Last month, 10-year-old Josh Housley was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Josh is at home fighting cancer and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy.

His classmates in the fourth-grade at Grassland Elementary decided they wanted to help Josh through this difficult time, so all the male students went on a field trip to the barber shop. Although Josh can't enjoy time with his friends, he's not too far from their thoughts. Since Josh has lost his hair because of chemotherapy, they decided to save their heads to support him.

“I'm very proud of my kids. Just look around,” the teacher said.

“We didn't want to leave Josh out, so we thought it'd be pretty good to support him,” a friend said.

“I think I made a new fashion statement at the school,” Josh said. “If they want to make me happy, they just did it."

Josh will spend most of the summer in chemotherapy, but he has a great attitude and said he's ready to do it and get it over with.

Most of the fourth-grade boys said they'll keep their buzz cuts until Josh grows his hair back. After all, they said it's cool and they're enjoying the extra attention. WTVF Nashville

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