You Want Me to Go Bald on Purpose?

Shave to Save: Giving Hope a Head Start is one of the most creative fundraisers I’ve heard of. Besides the cleverness of the tag line, I appreciate the courage of the participants. Shave to Save is an event where men and women volunteer to shave their heads in honor or memory of someone that has been touched by cancer.

Here’s how it works – local American Cancer Society organization or other groups organize an event and people willing to have their head shaved register. Then they ask family and friends to donate to the fund- if they reach their goal, their locks are shorn. And even if they don’t meet their goal, they shave anyway. Otherwise, there would be lots of folks setting a million bucks as their goal.

The other nice thing about the events is that it is a way for schools, businesses and other community to groups to show support to a member of their own community that may be affected by cancer, particularly if they are undergoing chemo and lost hair.

Wanna catch a promo video? Check it out here:
If you might be interested in sponsoring a local event, contact a cancer organization that you would like to support and ask for help in planning a special outreach event.

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