Women and Cancer Magazine

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Women & Cancer is the premier women's health and wellness magazine, delivering breaking news about topics critical to women making informed decisions about their own and their family's health and emphasizing cancer prevention, early detection, management, and survivorship.
Women&Cancer empowers women with regard to their own health and recognizes the unique role of women in the overall health of their family and friends. Published quarterly, news and other unique content is published daily on the Web site, and all past issues are archived for easy access, creating an in-depth women’s health resource on the Web. Many women are likely to manage their own treatment while continuing to care for their families; as well, women often provide care for a child, spouse, or relative diagnosed with cancer while continuing to manage households and careers.
Features on accessing the complicated medical system, breaking news on medical advances, and legislative issues are also covered. Each issue of Women & Cancer also includes inspiring stories of families and survivors and offers a frequently updated list of resources for patients and caregivers.
Women & Cancer is distributed in print and online at www.womenandcancermag.com. Subscriptions are available at www.cancerconsultants.com or [email protected]. Patients who sign up online are offered a free one-year subscription.
Plus (and this is the best part!) FREE, one-year subscriptions are provided compliments of EIF (Entertainment Industry Foundation).

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