What exactly does healing mean?

Dr. Geffen's Seven levels of healing we need to address to regain our full selves:

1. Information and knowledge (got to ground yourself in reality to make the best treatment decisions).

2) making connections with others (family, friends, support, counseling) to provide a network to lend helping hands when needed and the occasional shoulder (to cry on in the bad times and hug in the good).

3) exploring safe and effective ways of tending to ourselves and being in charge of our own health. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and complimentary and alternative approaches that have been proven to work and be safe.

4) emotional healing.

5) harnessing the power of the mind. Our thoughts and beliefs color and shape our experience of cancer. Learning the best cognitive skills helps us manage our illness and feelings. It keeps stress lower, ensures progress, keeps joy & healing higher.

6) assessing our lives and adjusting so that we can know what the deepest meaning and purpose of our lives are now. What are our new goals? What do we want to accomplish, experience and share. When we contemplate this, we infuse our life with strength and vitality.

7) harnessing and connecting to the power of spirituality (even if one is not religious).

To see all seven of the videos in the series: http://bit.ly/d8oaIU

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