Wear Lime Green for Lymphoma Research

The red ribbon signifying support for people with AIDS has been popular ofrover a decade. The red dress campaign supports heart health for women, while the pink ribbon is synonymous with breast cancer. Blue ribbons can indicate either domestic violence or autism. But lime green and lymphoma? I had no idea.
But now I do. And so do you. So if someone you love has lymphoma and you want to proudly wear a sign of support, or if you’re looking for the perfect accessory for a fundraiser, consider some of these lime green options.
Café Press offers a line of “I Wear Lime Green” Ribbon t-shirts, apparel & gifts to raise awareness, support and attention for all Lymphomas, both Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
Zazzle has an impressive collection of hats, pins, shirts and more – even Keds!
Webfetti offers a glittery green ribbon badge for your website.
Choose Hope offers jewelry, ornaments and car magnets.
At least one artisan on Etsy offers lime green jewelry. This one donates a portion of the proceeds to lymphoma research.

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