Washington DC Cancer Support

If you live, work or travel in or around Washington, D.C and you are living with cancer – either as a patient or caregiver, then you need this information.

Smith Farms offers incredible free and financially assisted day, weekend and weeklong retreats designed to strengthen your innate healing mechanisms as you learn to balance mainstream medical treatment with your own desire to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. The integrated schedule provides support sessions, yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, imagery work, creativity sessions, a gourmet vegetarian meal and discussions on choices among complementary and conventional cancer therapies.

In addition to retreats and programs at the Center, they provide resources in the Washington, DC community at large. Our hospital-based Artist-in-Residence programs engage patients in creative arts activities as part of the healing process through the visual arts, creative writing, storytelling, music, creative movement, and guided imagery.

Also, by training breast cancer survivors as Patient Navigators, Smith Farm offers individual counseling and education to improve access to care and enhance the treatment experience of underserved communities. Patient Navigators guide cancer patients through treatment while offering psychosocial support to individuals and their families.

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