Update: Andre' Singleton

In 2 previous blogs we followed Andre' Singleton and his achieving remission from Hodgkin's.

He traveled to Washington, D.C., to volunteer in CureSearch’s national conference. He went to New Jersey to meet the three Newark doctors. While there he saw his story told in the local newspaper. He had his picture taken with Bill Cosby.

People took up a collection that night in New Jersey to support his treatment and his school plans. While at the bank the next morning, the curious bank teller got a glimpse of his story and read his news clips. She asked him to speak to her church’s youth group about cancer awareness. The kids were so responsive and asked so many questions, the teller, Ebony Williams, said. He made them think about it. They wanted to learn more. The trips, the radio shows, meeting Cosby — it’s all just phenomenal to Singleton’s mother, Ramona Jackson.

Life isn't all roses - see his blog for more info.

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