Totally Baldacious: Shave One for the Team

Show your love and solidarity with cancer patients this Valentine's Day. Be baldacious by shaving or coloring your hair as a show of support for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's life-saving cancer research, and to show empathy with cancer patients who lose their hair from chemotherapy treatments. That's the concept behind "Totally Baldacious" an exciting new fundraising campaign of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Totally Baldacious launches on February 8. At individuals will be able to set up a fundraising page for themselves or a team. Each individual who registers will receive a Totally Baldacious temporary tattoo. Individuals that raise $250 or more will receive a logo'd knit cap.

Much of this campaign will be promoted through social networking, and there will be a Totally Baldacious Fan Page on Facebook and a Totally Baldacious Twitter account. A "Be Baldacious" widget was designed to increase awareness virally. With the widget, users will be able to upload a photo of themselves and share their bald selves with friends.

The campaign is building momentum through different publicity efforts, including involvement of performing artist and leukemia survivor Kristine W., actor and leukemia survivor Evan Handler, a team of current and retired football stars, and the national FarmHouse Fraternity. In addition, the Town of Shavertown, PA, has agreed to hold a Totally Baldacious celebration involving the whole community.

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