There is a Solution

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...
...that there is a solution. There is. But you must keep going to find it. You cannot stop, you cannot give up.

This is about more than just patience. This is about more than just persistence. This is about absolute knowing that God is on your side.

When you know this, you never give up...and the sense of struggle goes away. You simply keep moving forward, knowing that in the end all will work out. And that along the way there will be great insights
and wonderful remembering.

The above words aren't mine - they are from Neale Donald Walshe, an incredible spiritual leader and writer and teacher who has much to offer anyone interested in learning more about how God is at work in the Universe.

I sent this to a friend today because she's going through a difficult time, and my earnest hope is that it speaks to your spirit as well.

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