The Top Gift: Caring

It's darker and colder than usual these days - a crummy time to realize you or a loved one has cancer. With lymphoma, this is usually a temporary thing as remission may come soon but that comfort might be hard to muster.

The best gift in these days may be the caring of those around. A hot dish or plate of cookies may be welcome. The offer for a ride & back to treatment, the comfort of a phone call or visit, the offer to take the kids to a movie might be great. Anything personal or helpful would most likely be very appreciated as even the simplest of tasks can be gigantic to the cancer sufferer.

If someone finds it hard to talk to the patient, you should realize that just gereral chat, at ease, would be welcome. Remember gabbing on the phone before the diagnosis, try that again as it is usually ok. Lend an ear to someone if they need it.

The great thing is these acts of kindness cost very little but mean alot.

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