The Gift of Music

Make a joyful noise is on a mission is to reach out to children with life threatening, chronic, and terminal illnesses who have a dream of playing a musical instrument without the means of obtaining one. Music plays a fundamental role in healing and education and strive to become the number one resource for health challenged children with musical interests and needs. If you have ANY old instruments sitting around for whatever reason, please consider "spreading hope through the joy of music" by donating them to our cause.

They are always looking for instruments that we can pass along to kids in need. If you have any type of instrument and would like to donate it to Make a Joyful Noise Foundation, , they make all pick-up arrangements and cover any shipping costs involved regardless of location. Staff members and volunteers with years of experience playing and servicing instruments and make all the repairs necessary to ensure it is given to its new owner just as good as new!!

Below you will find the "MJNF's Most Wanted Instrument" list. It is a list of the most popular instruments sought after by kids, and most needed by our Foundation.

  • • Guitars (Acoustic and Electric)
  • • Bass Guitars (Acoustic and Electric)
  • • Drums
  • • Keyboards (we'll take pianos too!!)
  • • Flutes
  • • Trumpets
  • • Saxophones
  • • Clarinets
  • • Violins
  • • Cellos
  • • Trombones

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