The Cancer War

When I wrote about my friend yesterday, I was hesitant to do so. Anyone living with cancer or with a friend or loved one with cancer doesn’t really want to hear bad news. But presenting only the happy stories in the face of cancer isn’t realistic, either. Bear with me as I try to balance all of the truth about this cancer – the wonderful ways people reach out and care, the fascinating new research, cancer survivors who beat the odds, and people with cancer who do not make it.

Today’s blog is a great resource if you want to sit down and read a (free!) book about one man’s successful battle against cancer.

Diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 1997, the soap star Anthona Herrera expected to die. His book details his experiences with autologus bone marrow treatment, his relapse and further treatment, as well as his hope for a cancer-free future. With his onstage persona having survived five almost-fatal incidents, Herrera shows the same wit, perseverance and courage in his own life.

You can download the book, “Cancer War” for free at While there you can look a personal photos, a video clip of Herrera testifying for Senator Arlen Specter on the importance of the federal government's support of stem cell research.

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