Survivors to Moderate New Social Network Seeks Active Cancer Patients and Survivors to help Moderate a new on line network where Patients can talk to other Patients. CancerConnect provides modest financial remuneration or will make a donation to a organization of the moderators choosing.

For over 10 years, has been a leading online destination for cancer patients and caregivers - providing information, resources, inspiration, and hope. Now, our users have asked for more and we’ve responded - with the launch of our new Patient network, CancerConnect.
CancerConnect is essentially a "Facebook" for cancer patients with a few exceptions.

Unlike Facebook, it is moderated by individuals that have and understand cancer and discussion occur in safe and secure environment. is a network - designed by cancer patients for cancer patients - it provides a place to connect and share ideas and support. It is a vibrant community of people who are navigating cancer; it is a supportive environment; it is a resource; and it is so much more. CancerConnect is the thread that links each of us, reminding us that it is a small world after all.

In order to provide the optimal experience for all members, CancerConnect will need moderators. That’s where you come in. Sure, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and researchers might know the facts of cancer – but no one understands the experience better than someone who has been there. Simply put, patients want to talk to others that have “been there” Don’t you wish that someone had been there for you to guide you through the process? Now is your chance to give back and be that pillar of support and wealth of experience and information for others.

We are looking for individuals that either have, or have had cancer to serve as moderators and/or facilitators. The role of the moderator is to monitor activity in the forums, facilitate topics and discussions and ensure a safe, respectful experience for all users.

We know what it means to be passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others, and we are excited to launch this innovative community - with your help. If you think you might like to learn more about becoming a moderator please contact [email protected].

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