Strength for Caring

Caregivers of patients with cancer experience significant stress. The anxiety and depression of caring for patients with cancer actually causes physical changes in the caregiver, including so-called oxidative stress, and leaky kidneys.

Adult family members and friends are viewed as an unpaid extension of the health care system, providing an estimated 80 percent of all long-term care services in the U.S. But these contributions often come at a significant price for these individuals. According to a large and growing body of scientific literature, the economic, emotional and physical impact of family caregiving can be substantial.

If you care for someone with cancer, get the help you need.

Strength for Caring ( is the first national program for cancer caregivers to address both the physical and psychosocial health needs of the patient and caregiver. Free workshops which are facilitated by trained nurses and social workers are held at health care facilities and advocacy organizations across the United States. The website includes caregiving tips and resources, information about cancer side effects, caregiving training videos and an updated listing of Strength for Caring programs in local communities.

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