Southeastern coach lymphoma free

Southeastern Louisiana college football coach Dennis Roland, 49, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in May, says he has been told that he's cancer-free. "I've got two more rounds of treatment that I had been mentally putting off," said Roland, "But now I know I can go in and knock them off."

The first three chemotherapy sessions reduced the cancer by 80 percent and the second three, the last of which was completed last week, finished the process. "It leaves my feet numb and just feeling beat down and weak in general," Roland said of the treatments. "Its not a cakewalk for anybody. It beats the alternative, though."

Because of the treatments, Roland, who had a full-head of hair, is bald. "Im anxious for it to grow back," he said. "But I am afraid of what color its going to be."

Roland, in his first year as the Lions head coach, said he never thought of relinquishing his duties. "There are always a lot of things that go through your mind when youre in the hospital," he said. "But I was always encouraged to stay on."

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