Six Miracle Cancer Survivors

We all need encouragement sometimes. What better way than to read some amazing stories of men and women who fought cancer and survived –even when the odds weren’t in their favor. Why do some patients beat the odds? Some go on experimental medicines that help them, but few others. Others take novel combinations of approved drugs that are too toxic for most to endure. The most mysterious cases of all are so-called spontaneous remissions, where tumors vanish without any treatment.

Charles Burrows experienced that in November 2005, when he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and given two months to live. Then, three months later, without any treatment, his tumor simply vanished. The case was so unusual that his doctors published it in a medical journal last year. Says Burrows, "I won a lottery, and I don't understand why."

While numerous explanations have been proposed for these mysterious remissions, one of the likeliest is that the body's immune system gets involved. A spontaneous remission is "either divine intervention or the immune system," says Jedd D. Wolchok, an oncologist at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. To read more, go to:

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