Resources for Caregivers

Caregivers face numerous struggles in balancing their own needs and those of the person they love and care for. Here are some new resources that may provide extra support.

I love this book: Voices of Caregiving: The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength. Filled with the true stories of caregivers from all walks of life, these firsthand accounts have the power to enlighten and inspire. Caregivers speak candidly about their experiences, sharing insights and lending courage to others. With as many as 44 million people currently providing care for those with debilitating illness—many of whom are coming to the aid of a friend or family member without the benefit of training—this book is as an invaluable resource and important source of guidance. Cutting-edge information from authorities in the field of medical care and caregiving provides the best possible answers and aids those who seek to help others.
The publisher of this series donated all proceeds to charity and they have additional titles on various forms of cancer.
I know I said I was done with the iPhone apps, but I hadn’t seen these:

Elder 411 – This two dollar application from Presto and Marion Somers, Ph.D (Doctor Marian) is a resource for accessing on-the-spot caregiving information, covering the full spectrum of caregiving issues: talking about tough subjects, keeping the home safe, managing financial and legal needs, considering housing options, and more.

iPills – This app tracks pills your patient or loved one needs to take regularly and it shows you when they need to take them, and what they've already taken.

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